Windows Batch

Batch files can be used to automate simple processes in Microsoft Windows. Batch files use the commands of the command prompt, in the simplest case these cmd commands can be entered in a simple text file line by line, it is then executed one command after the other. Windows batch originate from the MS-DOS era. At that time batch files had the file extension .bat. Since Windows 2000 the extension .cmd is used. Additionally there is the possibility to use jump labels or variables, up to more complex processes. From a certain complexity batch files are no longer the first choice. The successor of Windows Batch is Microsoft PowerShell.

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sleep or wait in batch files: pause cmd

sleep or wait in batch files: pause cmd

created: 02.05.2022 from Bernhard

The function wait or sleep was not available in BATch files by default.Remedy is a small detour via the ping Command ... continue reading